TikTok is the worlds fastest growing social media with 800 million users and the social media platform with the highest engangement rate. TikTok has in a short matter of time created an efficient tool that can help you expose your brand in a new way with creative ads.


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"Since TikTok is still a relativly young social media the competition from other advertisers is low and the potential is huge."


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Creativity is in the forefront among both users and advertisers, which makes the platform informal, authentic and entertaining. The audience on TikTik consists primarly of a younger segnment in the age between 16-26 years old. This group makes up 41% of the total userbase. The age distributions will probably change over time as more older users will start using the platform. This is a tendency we have also witnessed on Instagram and Facebook.

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The different types of ads on Tiktok invites you to grab your creative toolbox. This means that there is a big opportunity to expose your brand, product or service in a totally new way. If you choose to advertise on TikTok, you have five different types of campigns you can choose between each having their own uniqe advantages – Brand takeover, In feed, Hashtag Challenge, Branded Lens and TopView. At Iternum Digital we know exactly which campaigns are most suitable for different goals and how to get the most out of them.

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TikTok is the new media platform to develop your brand and create exposures for your company. We help you implement a suitable strategy for the platform that will help you create results. We have some of the best creative resources in the industry inhouse that can help you create ads, that stands out and create buzz. At the same time we make sure you have the best starting point for succes on the platform by using the data from your existing social media platforms.