Send better newsletters and increase sales. Email send outs give a boost to revenues and in combination with a CRM system you can increase the opening rate and conversion rate.


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"Sending newsletters is one of the most efficient ways to create revenues at a low cost."

- Julie Stenberg, SEO og Social Media Specialist

We know what it takes to maximize the use of your email database when it comes to newsletters. We have a process that provides the best opportunities for selling every time a newsletter is sent out. It’s all about having the right combinations as well as knowing the way to “push” a sale through. Newsletters should be a part of every digital strategy, because newsletters is one of the most cost-effective online channels to create sales.

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When creating content marketing such as newsletters, it is important to catch the receivers interest and get their attention. It is important to set up goals and formulate what you want to achieve with the newsletter regarding message, audience, content etc. Moreover, it’s important that the content is selling and telling at the same time.

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At Iternum Digital we do A/B testing for all our clients. We test what works and how it differs from newsletter to newsletter, but also depending on theme, graphic design, fonts etc. Running A/B tests allows us to measure what works for every individual client and their business model, in order to increase sales and improve CTRs by adjusting the content and design.

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We prefer to use MailChimp for send outs and automated processes. MailChimp provides functionality for A/B testing, performance tracking (which we will go more into depth with below) and automatization. It can of course also be used for advanced categorization, based on customers/leads, men/women, etc. The automatization helps you schedule send outs either for trigger actions or for a specific time in the month, week or day.

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With the use of MailChimp’s own analytics tool as well as Google Analytics we document different KPIs such as opening rate and conversion rate as well as revenue generated by the newsletter campaigns. This way you’ll get the most out of your email marketing while getting complete control over your results in MailChimp.

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Sleeknote is a robot that engages your visitors with pop-up messages on your website. It can be placed whereever you want it on your site depending on the message you want to deliver and where it seems less annoing and disturbing to the customers. We use Sleeknote to collect leads for your newsletters among other things, but also to attract attention to special offers and to help your customers. The possibilities with Sleeknote is endless and completely up to your imagination.