The more you know about your clients, for example what they have bought, when they bought and from what channel, the better you can tailor your content when doing new campaigns or trying to sell more, do cross sales or upsales. CRM helps you perfect this, Iternum Digital makes it happen.


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"Maintaining a good relationship with the customer will always result in better performance. CRM helps leverage your sales on 1t1 level."


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CRM helps you get an overview of every single customer, what they have bought, which marketing channel they came from, how many times they opened the newsletter etc. This knowledge can be leveraged by automation and at the same time create more value for your business but also for your customers. CRM helps you save data and enables you to reuse that data in a way that can be very detailed. The more detailed data, the better performance.

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The best performing companies use a CRM system to deploy a strategy that is tailored from specific data points centered on the buyer’s history and behavior. The aim is to sell more, by making cross sales, upsales etc. based on the individual’s buying pattern. The process of implementing a CRM system can be long and in some cases require a lot of change management, but the benefits and value created will outweigh the costs. Once the CRM system is in place you will be able to target your campaigns perfectly at a very low cost, compared to using a marketing platform like Google Ads or Facebook.

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With CRM in place, you will be able to target your campaigns, newsletters and resources in the most optimal way when trying to do cross sales or upsales without having to pay big fees to a marketing platform like Google or Facebook. In some cases you can even tell what customers need before they even know it and target them with this. With automation you can make recommendations for products that are complementary to prior bought products. Iternum Digital can help your business achieve these goals, set up the right automation process, implement the CRM system and help you sell more at less cost.